Be honest. These are two of the reasons why SEO gets a bad reputation

I want to talk about two things that I have encountered in the past few days. There is no order to this, it is just what I have met in the several years of work I have.


So a few days ago a new client at the company I work with decided to switch to start working with us. While I don’t know the full story, I assume he cancelled his contract and did everything to opt out but when that happened the other SEO/WEB development company decided to drop what they had set up for social media.

Now I know there’s 2 sides to every story, maybe when he cancelled the contract he violated terms, but from what I was told the company decided to delete the stuff out of retaliation for canceling.

Now, from that side of view I gotta say. That sucks. It’s not good to hold stuff hostage or just plainly delete everything if they cancel. While I understand that there are terms that must be followed, here’s a few tips to follow when you are thinking of signing up with ANY company on ANY type of web related work

  • when you, as a client, sign anything ALWAYS read the contract, make sure you are the owner in the end
  • always ask for passwords/login information

When I started doing SEO I always said to myself, always be honest and follow the guidelines. This applies to this as well – letting people own their stuff, if they don’t want to share their personal information with you, which is totally understandable and you shouldn’t force it, always make/give/send the logins/passwords to the clients when you create something for them.

Don’t lie. Don’t make promises you can’t keep

In the SEO world you will always find people who promise page 1 in a few days, when this happens be wary. While it is not impossible to rank page 1, it usually takes hard work, strategy and lots of thought. When someone promises something like this it usually means that they aren’t doing it the way it should be.

There’s no manual or guide to reach page 1, there are no algorithms being disclosed to close friends of the developers, it is all based on testing, trial and error and learning. Don’t be fooled and get shamed into something where you’ll probably end up paying a higher price. There is no magic formula but good honest work.

Like I mentioned earlier I always said to myself always be honest. Don’t lie. We live in a world where honesty is everything and people and clients will always appreciate it. Always keep the clients in the loop of what you are doing, if they recommend a new feature and it’s something you know you shouldn’t do, talk it, reach a compromise or simply explain.

I listen to this podcast about web development and the guys said a phrase that resonated with me “What would Yoast do?” and it made me laugh and think that I absolutely agree with that.

While there’s still countless of other things that might give SEO a bad name I just recently encountered these two and I decided to talk about them. SEO doesn’t have to be bad, it takes a lot of work and the rewards will be good.